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Latest banking statements added to Dropbox


Membership renewal form for 2016 is available on Dropbox. Prospective new members can obtain more information by contacting the Membership Sec or  the Webmaster by email.


It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death of Ian Blackie. Ian was an original member of the Bridge club, only giving up caravanning on the death of his wife Dorothy. Ian & Dorothy also were members of Coachman owners club and were regular ralliers at Rufforth. Our condolences go to Ian's family.


New Rally added for April. 


Some of the Bridge Club Rallies in 2016 are invites to "The Caravan Manoeuvring Championship" events. If any Bridge Club members would like more information on other CMC events. This is a link to their website. CLICK HERE


Latest Banking Statements have been added to Dropbox 18/12/2015


New Rally added for May & New Year 2016/17

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